Things That Are Triangular

Look around you – triangles are everywhere! Pointy triangles, flat triangles, 3D triangles galore. Triangle shapes make up many important signs, foods, buildings, and gadgets in our lives. Triangles can be equilateral, isosceles or scalene. Their three straight sides and pointy corners add strength and flair. From pyramids to sandwiches to road signs, triangular things are both practical and eye-catching. Here we will explore a whole treasure trove of triangular things!

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caution sign
Caution Sign
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traffic cone
Traffic Cone
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trianular guitar picks
Guitar Pick

List of Things That Are Triangular

  • Pyramid
  • Toblerone chocolate bar
  • Pizza slice
  • Yield sign
  • Dorito chip
  • Triangular prism
  • Bermuda flag
  • Triforce symbol
  • Traffic Cone
  • Tricorn hat
  • Sail
  • Delta symbol
  • Ruler
  • Penne Pasta
  • Roof gable
  • Napkin fold
  • Cheese wedge
  • Slice of cake
  • Musical instrument pick
  • Mountain peak
  • Sushi Roll (Onigiri)
  • Caution Sign
  • Penrose triangle
  • Shark Fins
  • Bunting flags
  • Roof truss
  • Prism crystal
  • Bow Ties
  • Sandwich
  • Guitar pick
  • Earring
  • Mountain Tent
  • Triangular Trade Symbol
  • Pool Table Rack
  • Window
  • Pattern in textiles
  • Tile or mosaic
  • Trowel
  • Flag

Pyramid - A pyramid is a huge, triangular shaped building with four sides. The ancient Egyptians built famous pyramids as tombs for their pharaohs and kings.

Toblerone Chocolate Bar - Toblerone is a delicious chocolate candy bar shaped like a triangle wedge with peaks and valleys. Toblerone has honey, nougat and almond pieces.

Pizza slice - When a full circular pizza gets cut, each slice is one piece that looks like a triangle. Pizza slices are cheesy and tasty to eat.

Yield sign - Red and white yield signs are triangular road signs that tell drivers they should slow down and let other cars pass first.

Dorito chip - Doritos are popular triangular tortilla chips that come in flavors like nacho cheese. The three-sided shape is good for dipping.

Triangular prism - A triangular prism is a three-sided geometric shape with triangles on both ends and rectangles for sides.

Bermuda flag - The flag of Bermuda is made up of a red triangular shape on a white and green background. It flaps in the ocean breeze.

Triforce symbol - The Triforce is a golden triangle symbol with three smaller triangles used in the Legend of Zelda Nintendo games.

Traffic cone - Bright orange traffic cones placed on roads are hollow and sit on a triangle base to warn drivers of construction work.

Tricorn hat - A tricorn hat, like those worn by the colonial militia, has a wide brim with three triangular points.

Sail - The big sails on sailboats are canvas fabric stretched across triangular frames to best catch the wind.

Delta symbol - The Greek letter delta is a triangle symbol used in math and science to represent change, difference, or variance.

Ruler - A triangle shaped ruler has angles marked to help draw or measure perfect triangles when drafting designs.

Penne pasta - Penne pasta are small tubes cut on an angle so the pieces are cylinder-shaped with two slanted, triangular ends.

Roof gable - The triangular part of a wall that forms the sloping roofline is called a gable. The space inside is a gable attic.

Napkin fold - Fancy dinner napkins can be folded into shapes like triangles for decorative placement under forks.

Cheese wedge - Hard cheeses get cut into triangles like cheddar and Swiss. The wedge shape makes it good for sandwiches.

Slice of cake - Cutting a round or rectangular cake makes triangle slices perfect for serving guests niceeven pieces.

Musical instrument pick - Guitar picks and other instrument picks are small plastic triangles that help strum and pluck strings with ease.

Mountain peak - The summit or pointed tip that forms the very top of a mountain often has a triangular shape.

Sushi Roll - Maki sushi rolls are cylindrical with angled triangular ends from being cut into servings.

Caution Sign - Yellow caution signs with black borders are usually triangular to alert people to dangers or warnings.

Penrose triangle - An impossible triangle optical illusion drawn in 2D looks triangular from any angle, but cannot exist in 3D.

Shark fins - Sharks have distinctive dorsal fins on their backs that are triangular in shape and cut through the water when swimming.

Bunting flags - Triangular flags on string, called bunting, is hung for decoration at events in festive patterns.

Roof truss - Triangular support structures on roofs keep the angles sturdy. Trusses form the frame that holds roofing.

Prism crystal - Clear prism crystals that reflect rainbows are cut into triangle shapes that make light disperse in natural beauty.

Bow ties - Bow ties worn by men are made of cloth tied in the shape of a triangle around the collar of a shirt.

Sandwich - Sandwiches like turkey or PB&J cut diagonally into halves make triangle shapes.

Guitar pick - Guitar picks are small plastic triangles a guitarist uses to strum and pick the strings.

Earring - Some decorative earrings feature shiny stones or metals dangling in a triangular shape.

Tent - Camping tents with triangular silhouettes maximize height and shed rain well with their angled shape.

Triangular trade symbol - The triangular trade model shows early American colonists trading between Europe, Africa and the colonies.

Pool table rack - Triangular racks hold the balls in order at the start of a billiards or pool game before they break.

Window - The kind of arched windows with pointed tops have a triangular silhouette that let in sunlight.

Textile pattern - Some fabrics, quilts, rugs and banners display geometric triangle motifs as part of the design.

Tile or mosaic - Tiles set in triangular patterns or mosaics with inlaid triangular shapes create decorative floors and walls.

Trowel - Trowels used by gardeners and masons for digging, smoothing, scooping have triangular metal heads.

Flag - Country flags and advertising banners often end in triangular points that flutter in the wind when hanging.

Final Words:

Triangle shapes are all around us! Many important signs, buildings, foods, tools, and objects have the strong triangular form. It is used in math, nature, architecture, and more. Triangles add beauty and purpose to many items we use everyday. Next time you see a yield sign, sandwich, or pyramid, think about how important and helpful the three-sided triangular shape can be!

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