49+ Things That Are Soft

Welcome to our list of things that are soft! In our list, we’ve gathered a diverse collection of objects, animals, and materials that are known for their softness. From clothing to toys, and from fabrics to animals, our list showcases the different ways that softness can be found in the world around us.

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teddy bear
Teddy Bear
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Things That Are Soft

  1. Down feathers
  2. Cashmere wool
  3. Cotton
  4. Silk
  5. Fleece
  6. Velvet
  7. Suede
  8. Mink fur
  9. Angora wool
  10. Lambswool
  11. Rabbits
  12. Teddy Bears
  13. Marshmallows
  14. Sisal rug
  15. Flannel sheets
  16. Bath towels
  17. Plush toys
  18. Goose down comforters
  19. Baby blankets
  20. Foam
  21. Microfiber
  22. Memory foam
  23. Sponges
  24. Silicone
  25. Latex
  26. Rubber
  27. Fuzzy socks
  28. Softshell jackets
  29. Fleece jackets
  30. Softshell pants
  31. Bamboo sheets
  32. Muslin cloth
  33. Gauze
  34. Flannelette
  35. Orchids
  36. Ferns
  37. Mosses
  38. Cotton candy
  39. Caramel
  40. Whipped cream
  41. Pudding
  42. Ice cream
  43. Cream cheese
  44. Yogurt
  45. Butter
  46. Peanut butter
  47. Jelly
  48. Marshmallow fluff
  49. Honey
  50. Sugar
  51. Salt dough
  52. Play dough
  53. Fondant
  54. Buttercream
  55. Gummy candy
  56. Plush carpet
  57. Velvet curtains
  58. Soft touch paint
  59. Cushioned flooring
  60. Soft-close cabinet hinges
  61. Fuzzy slippers
  62. Fluffy bathrobes
  63. Plush bathmats
  64. Soft-touch steering wheel covers
  65. Microsuede couch
  66. Soft-touch phone cases
  67. Fuzzy steering wheel covers
  68. Fluffy throw pillows
  69. Soft-touch notebook covers
  70. Fleece-lined jackets
  71. Fuzzy earmuffs
  72. Softshell gloves
  73. Fluffy scarves
  74. Soft-touch pens
  75. Key covers
  76. Mouse pads
  77. Pet beds
  78. Blankets
  79. Plush office chairs
  80. Fleece-lined pants
  81. Fuzzy winter hats
  82. Softshell backpacks
  83. Fluffy pillowcases
  84. Journal covers.

Down feathers: light feathers from geese used for insulation in clothing and bedding.

Cashmere wool: fine wool from Cashmere goats used for clothing and accessories.

Cotton: natural fiber used for clothing, bedding, and other textiles.

Silk: luxurious natural fiber used for clothing and bedding.

Fleece: warm synthetic fabric used for clothing and bedding.

Velvet: smooth fabric with a dense pile used for clothing and upholstery.

Suede: napped leather used for clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Mink fur: dense fur from the mink animal used for clothing and accessories.

Angora wool: Soft, fine wool from Angora rabbits used for clothing and accessories.

Lambswool: Soft, fine wool from lambs used for clothing and accessories.

Rabbits: furry animals kept as pets.

Teddy Bears: plush toys resembling bears.

Marshmallows: Soft, fluffy candy.

Sisal rug: durable natural fiber rug.

Flannel sheets: warm sheets made of flannel fabric.

Bath towels: absorbent towels used for drying after bathing.

Plush toys: Soft, stuffed toys.

Goose down comforters: warm comforters filled with goose down feathers.

Baby blankets: warm blankets for babies.

Foam: flexible material used for cushioning and insulation.

Microfiber: synthetic fabric used for clothing and cleaning products.

Memory foam: viscoelastic foam used for bedding and cushioning.

Sponges: absorbent material used for cleaning and bathing.

Silicone: flexible synthetic material used in a variety of products.

Latex: natural rubber used in a variety of products, including gloves and balloons.

Rubber: flexible material used in a variety of products, including tires and rubber bands.

Fuzzy socks: warm socks with a furry texture.

Softshell jackets: flexible jackets made of softshell fabric.

Fleece jackets: warm jackets made of fleece fabric.

Softshell pants: flexible pants made of softshell fabric.

Bamboo sheets: comfortable sheets made from bamboo fiber.

Muslin cloth: lightweight cotton cloth used for clothing and crafting.

Gauze: transparent, loosely woven fabric used for bandages and clothing.

Flannelette: warm fabric with a brushed surface, often used for bedding.

Orchids: delicate flowers.

Ferns: leafy plants.

Mosses: small, non-vascular plants.

Cotton candy: sugary confection made by spinning sugar.

Caramel: chewy candy made by heating sugar.

Whipped cream: light and fluffy dairy product used as a topping.

Pudding: creamy dessert.

Ice cream: frozen dessert.

Cream cheese: smooth cheese used in baking and cooking.

Yogurt: creamy dairy product.

Final Words

We hope that our list has provided you with a comprehensive overview of the many things that are soft. From the soft and cuddly to the soft and luxurious, our list showcases the many ways that softness can be found in the world around us.

Whether you’re looking for a soft and comfortable blanket to curl up with, or a soft and silky piece of fabric to wear, there’s something on our list for everyone.

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