Things That Are Slippery

From icy sidewalks to greasy dishes, there are a surprising number of slippery things we encounter. When surfaces get wet, oily, or coated in slime, they can become hazardously slick and hard to grip. Things that are slippery can catch us off guard, causing messy spills or dangerous slides. Here we’ll look at a wide range of unexpectedly slippery stuff.

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slippery soap
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banana slug
Banana Slug
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slippery wet mud or muck
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babana peel slippery thing
Banana Peel

List of Things That Are Slippery

  • Banana peel
  • Wet floor
  • Ice-covered sidewalk
  • Soap
  • Slime
  • Greased surface
  • Cooking oil spill
  • Frozen pond
  • Fish scales
  • Water slide
  • Seaweed-covered rocks
  • Icy road
  • Eel
  • Jellyfish
  • Icy steps
  • Algae
  • Oil spill on the road
  • Ice cube
  • Greasy hands
  • Slick mud
  • Wet leaves
  • Icy windshield
  • Slick surface after rain
  • Slushy snow
  • Salad dressing spill
  • Tiles
  • Buttered toast
  • Soap bubbles
  • Watermelon rind
  • Wet rocks
  • Slippy fish scales
  • Greasy frying pan
  • Icy ski slope
  • Wet grass
  • Cooked Noodles
  • Icy stairs
  • Ice cream cone
  • Oil-covered feathers
  • Slick seaweed
  • Wet paint
  • Slippery slope
  • Icy ladder rungs
  • Wet pavement
  • Greased pole
  • Slimy frog skin
  • Wet dog fur
  • Snail trail
  • Banana slug
  • Oily snake skin
  • Lubricated bearings
  • Frozen fish fillet
  • Elm bark
  • Icy river rocks
  • Slick algae-covered turtle shell
  • Icy grape peel
  • Oiled bicycle chain

Banana peel - A banana peel can be super tricky to hold when it's fresh. It's easy to take a tumble if you step on one!

Wet floor - Uh oh, someone spilled water inside and made the floor crazy slick. Gotta walk extra carefully on the slippery tile!

Icy sidewalk - An icy sidewalk in winter can be super precarious to walk on. That thin sheet of ice makes it pretty easy to slip and slide!

Soap - When soap gets all wet and slimy in the shower or bath, it can cause some slips if you're not careful. The slippery bar makes your hands super slick!

Slime - Slime is the gooiest, stickiest, slickest stuff around. It's fun to play with, but ooey and slippery at the same time!

Greasy surface - Man, this kitchen counter is greased up something fierce after cooking bacon and eggs. It's crazy slick from all that smooth, oily grease!

Oil spill - Uh oh, somebody spilled the cooking oil on the floor. Now there's a big ole puddle of super slick, dangerous oil!

Frozen pond - It's hard to walk on a frozen pond without slipping, unless it's been skated over to rough up the surface. That ice gets so smooth and slick!

Fish scales - Can you believe how slippery one single fish scale feels? Together they help the fish glide fast through the water!

Water slide - Wheee, water slides at the pool or water park are slippery by design. The water makes that plastic super fast and slick!

Seaweed-covered rocks - Rocks covered in slippery seaweed can be just as precarious as banana peels on the beach! The plants make those rocks hazardously slick.

Icy road - Roads get extremely slippery in winter when icy. The cars drive over the ice, smoothing it into one big slick skating rink!

Eel - Good luck getting a firm grasp on a slippery eel! Their smooth, wet skin lets them wiggle right out of your hands.

Jellyfish - Jellyfish can feel crazy slick if you touch one while swimming. They've got a mucus layer making them smooth.

Icy steps - Brrrr, icy stairs and steps in winter are the worst. Each one turns into a mini slippery ice rink!

Algae coating - That green algae growing in swimming pools feels hairy but super slick. The slimy plants make surfaces crazy slippery!

Oil spill on pavement - Yikes, some oil spilled on this pavement. Now cars will be slipping and sliding all over the place on that greasy slick!

Melting ice cube - Uh oh, this ice cube is getting slippery in your hand as it melts. The smooth, wet surface makes it hard to hold tight!

Greasy fingers - After some finger lickin' fried chicken, your fingers go from sticky to super greased up and slippery!

Muddy ground - The ground gets real slick and slippery when it's both muddy and wet. Feet can slide all over the place on that ooey, smooth mud!

Soaked leaves - Big slippery piles of leaves in fall are super tricky for bikes to ride over. Those wet leaves get dangerously slick!

Icy windshield - Brrr, your car windshield is a sheet of ice in winter! Too slippery to see anything until it defrosts.

Wet ground after rain - A heavy rainstorm makes the ground outside as slick as a slip n' slide! All that water makes it smooth and dangerous to walk on.

Slushy snow - Mushy, half-melted, slushy snow on sidewalks does a real number on your boots' traction. The slippery slush is tricky to walk through!

Spilled salad dressing - Watch your step around a big puddle of salad dressing! That oily mess turns surprisingly slippery.

Wet floor tiles - Uh oh, those kitchen tiles got wet and greasy from spills. Now they're as hazardous as a skating rink! Gotta walk carefully.

Buttered toast - Freshly buttered toast can be tricky to handle without dropping it. The greasy spread makes your fingers slippery!

Spilled soapy bubbles - A spilled puddle of foamy soap bubbles from bath time can cause some serious slips if you step on 'em! Popping all those slippery suds is fun though.

Watermelon rind - A watermelon's outer rind is just as hazardous as a banana peel after you cut into it. Don't drop the big heavy fruit!

Wet rocks - Rocks get smoothed out and slick in streams or the rain. Watch your step on those wet, slippery rocks!

Individual fish scales - A single fish scale feels so slick and smooth! Together they help the fish swim fast and slippery.

Greasy frying pan - After cooking up some eggs and bacon, that frying pan gets greased up big time. Keep a tight grip when washing the crazy slick skillet!

Icy ski slope - A steep ski slope gets dangerously slick when icy. Way harder to ski and hold your edges on the slippery surface!

Wet grass - Seems harmless, but dewy grass in the morning can get surprisingly slippery. Your shoes lose traction on the slick blades.

Cooked noodles - Noodles like udon and ramen can get real slippery when cooked. Tricky to slurp up those wet, wiggly noodles!

Icy outdoor stairs - Oh man, somebody better salt these iced-over outdoor stairs! Each step is a slippery slope waiting to happen. Dangerous!

Melting ice cream cone - You gotta lap up a towering ice cream cone quick before it melts all over your hands and gets super slick!

Oily bird feathers - Poor birds coated in oil can't repel water anymore. The smooth oil ruins their fluffy feathers.

Slick ocean seaweed - Seaweed is crazy slippery when wet, almost slimy. Easy to slip if you step on the slick ocean plants!

Fresh paint - Newly painted walls or paintings are slick until the paint fully dries. Don't smudge the slippery wet paint!

Slippery metaphor - Calling something a "slippery slope" means one small thing can lead to something way worse. Like telling a little lie can start bigger lying.

Icy ladder rungs - A ladder with icy rungs spells trouble! Each frozen metal step turns into a slippery spot. Dangerous!

Soapy puddle - A spilled puddle of bubbly soap outside the shower can cause some wicked slips. All those slippery suds are hazardous!

Rain-soaked pavement - Roads get real slick when soaked with rain, especially with leaves to hide the slippery spots underneath. Gotta drive slowly and carefully!

Greased climbing pole - That greased pole at the fair or camp is impossible to climb without sliding down. The thick grease makes it a slippery disaster!

Frog skin - A frog's moist skin lets it hop across slippery lily pads and wiggle free from hands that try to grab it. Slimy but slick!

Soaked dog fur - Your doggy's fur gets surprisingly slippery when soaked from the rain compared to when it's light and fluffy when dry. No traction!

Snail slime trail - Snails leave a trail of slippery slime everywhere they go. The slimy mucus helps them glide smoothly along the ground. Gross but slick!

Banana slug - Ew, banana slugs leave behind a trail of gooey super slick slime everywhere. Their crazy slippery mucus helps them slide over sticks and leaves.

Snake skin - A snake's scaly skin feels smooth and a little slippery thanks to natural oils. That helps them slither and slide through the grass sneakily!

Oiled machine parts - Oily machine parts like bicycle chains work better thanks to slippery oil. It helps the parts spin fast and smooth.

Frozen fish from store - Brrr, frozen fish from the grocery store can get slippery and hard to handle when thawing out. The icy glaze turns wet and tricky!

Slippery elm tree bark - Slippery elm tree bark has a slick texture if you grab some, hence its name! It makes a mucus-y herbal tea.

Icy river rocks - River rocks get smoothed out over time, but turn crazy hazardous when icy and frosty. Suddenly those bumpy rocks get slick!

Algae-covered turtle shell - The slippery algae growing on some turtle shells helps their swimming be more streamlined. But it feels slimy!

Icy grape peels - Watch out for frozen grape peels in icy drinks - they get dangerous slippery fingers!

Bicycle chain freshly oiled - A bike chain freshly oiled up gets coated in greasy slick oil. Be careful not to get it on your hands when biking!

Final Words:

All kinds of everyday items can turn precariously slippery given the right conditions like rain, grease, or ice. Slippery surfaces force us to take extra caution to avoid literal slippery slopes. Nature offers many examples too, from slick seaweed to frosty ponds. So next time you find yourself handling a freshly peeled banana or traversing wet steps, remember all the slippery things out there waiting to catch the careless off guard!

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