Things That Are Short

From bite-sized foods to compact items, there are a lot of surprisingly short things all around us. We don’t always notice the tiny stature of certain objects or quick little events. But when you stop to look closer, you realize many things in life are joyfully small or petite. Here we’ll appreciate the charm of things that are short!

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Short hairs
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short film
Short Film

List of Things That Are Short

  • Thumb
  • Haiku poem
  • Espresso shot
  • Briefcase
  • Miniature golf course
  • Hedgehog legs
  • Short story
  • Compact car
  • Nap
  • Stubby pencil
  • Low stool
  • Elf
  • Short film
  • Brief conversation
  • Stunted tree
  • Petite dress
  • Dwarf rabbit
  • Brevity in speech
  • Shortbread cookie
  • Low fence
  • Baby carrot
  • Quick sprint
  • Shortbread crust
  • Small key
  • Miniature book
  • Stubby candle
  • Short break
  • Compact disc (CD)
  • Low shelf
  • Brief explanation
  • Short haircut
  • Diminutive figurine
  • Short napkin
  • Shrimp
  • Compact laptop
  • Low table
  • Short circuit
  • Low wall
  • Shortwave radio
  • Mini cupcake
  • Low bridge
  • Short wavelength
  • Petite flower
  • Compact umbrella
  • Dwarf sunflower
  • Shortwave antenna
  • Small ruler
  • Short dress
  • Diminutive insect
  • Low platform

Thumb - Your thumb is the smallest, shortest finger on your hand. Just a little nub compared to the others!

Haiku poem - A haiku poem is a teeny tiny poem with only 3 short lines. They capture a quick moment.

Espresso shot - An espresso shot is a petite portion of concentrated coffee. Just a swallow full from the cafe!

Briefcase - A briefcase is a thin, compact bag for carrying important papers and items. Streamlined for the on-the-go business person!

Mini golf course - A miniature golf course has a teensy track compared to regular golf. You putt around adorable wee obstacles.

Hedgehog legs - A hedgehog has itty bitty short legs close to the ground. They scoot and scurry quickly along.

Short story - A short story is bite-sized fiction with only a few pages. You can finish reading one quickly.

Compact car - A compact car is smaller and more petite than a SUV. Easy to park in tight spots!

Nap - A short nap gives you a brief rest period of just 20-30 minutes. A mini-break to recharge.

Stubby pencil - Short pencils get used up quick. Only an inch or two left to write with before it's a totally tiny nub!

Low stool - Short stools let your feet touch the floor when you sit. Great for kids or steps in the kitchen.

Elf - In fairy tales, elves are cute little short creatures, often making toys up in Santa's workshop.

Short film - A short film may only be 10-30 minutes long compared to a 2 hour movie. Quick entertainment.

Brief conversation - A quick chat with a friend might just be a few minutes before you dash off. A short little talk.

Stunted tree - Some trees never grow big and tall due to not having enough sunlight or water. They remain short little fellas.

Petite dress - A petite dress with a hemline above the knee is nice and short. Perfect for summer.

Dwarf rabbit - Certain bunny breeds stay teeny and compact. They make adorable short pets.

Brevity in speech - Being brief in a speech means keeping it short and to the point. No long, rambling stories.

Shortbread cookie - Shortbread is a small, rich butter cookie that melts in your mouth quickly. So delightful!

Low fence - Some backyard fences stand only 1-2 feet off the ground. Easy for pets to hop over their short height.

Baby carrot - Baby carrots are bite-size petite carrots, not full grown. Cute little short veggies for snacking.

Quick sprint - In sports, a short sprint might just be 50-100 meters compared to a marathon. Over quick!

Shortbread crust - Shortbread crust is flaky and crumbly. It makes a wee little base under fruit fillings.

Small key - Keys for padlocks and cabinets are often adorably small. Teeny cuties on your keyring.

Miniature book - A miniature book can fit in your palm. A precious short story made tee-nay.

Stubby candle - Burning candles get lower and lower until they are just wee little stumps. Still pretty when petite.

Short break - During a long meeting, taking a brief 5-10 minute break helps recharge. A short little rest.

Compact disc (CD) - CDs are petite plastic discs just 4 1⁄2 inches wide for holding music. So much smaller than vinyl records!

Low shelf - Bottom shelves in bookcases and cabinets sit closer to the ground. You can reach the short shelves easily.

Brief explanation - When something needs a quick little explanation, keep it short and simple in just a few lines. No long stories.

Short haircut - Cropped short hair is quick to style and dries fast! No long locks to weigh you down.

Diminutive figurine - Collectible figurines can be teeny tiny, only an inch or two tall. Adorable in their petiteness!

Short napkin - Cocktail napkins are often small, square napkins compared to big dinner ones. Less fabric needed for the itty bitty short size!

Shrimp - These bite-sized crustaceans are little short sea creatures compared to lobsters! Easy to pop in your mouth.

Compact laptop - Mini laptops are super portable with their compact size. Much shorter than a big clunky desktop!

Low table - Coffee tables and end tables are low to the ground. Shorter than dining tables and desks.

Short circuit - A brief short circuit can cause lights to flicker and flash. Like a mini power surge.

Low wall - Short garden and patio walls are only waist high. Easy to see over their petite height.

Shortwave radio - Shortwave radios pick up stations from around the world broadcasting on brief wavelengths.

Mini cupcake - Mini cupcakes are just one dainty bite compared to full size. Cute shortcakes for parties.

Low bridge - Watch out for short bridges with low clearance that trucks can't pass under! Too petite a height.

Short wavelength - On the light spectrum, short wavelengths are tiny and can't be seen - like gamma rays. Teeny electromagnetic waves.

Petite flower - Some flowers like lily of the valley are short and dainty. Mini floral cuties.

Compact umbrella - Mini fold up umbrellas fit in your bag and are nice and short. Easy to tote around.

Dwarf sunflower - Not all sunflowers are giant! Some dwarf varieties only grow 1-2 feet tall. Short little sun worshippers.

Shortwave antenna - An old-timey shortwave radio has a brief antenna only a few feet long. Short little wire.

Small ruler - Rulers come in mini sizes perfect for pencil cases. Compact short rulers.

Short dress - Mini dresses and skirts well above the knee show a lot of leg! Nice and short hemlines.

Diminutive insect - Teeny tiny insects like gnats and flies are so minor in size! Barely noticeable short little bugs.

Low platform - A short platform only a foot or two off the ground makes it easier to step up or give a speech. Not a towering height.

Final Words:

Short things have their own appeal and usefulness, whether they're minute vegetables, tiny trinkets, or fleeting moments. Compact items are great for portability while brief experiences help us pause and be mindful. The next time you encounter something with a modest measure or timeframe, take a second to admire its perfectly pint-sized or short-lived nature. Appreciating short things reminds us that greatness comes in small packages!

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