Things That Are German

Germany has a rich cultural history that has shaped many iconic innovations, brands, sights, and traditions over the centuries. German engineering, music, foods, products, and more are recognized worldwide. Let’s explore some quintessential examples of things that are german, from sausages and beers to cars and castles!

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porsche 911 german thing
Porsche 911
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berlin wall
Berlin Wall
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neuschwanstein castle in germany
Neuschwanstein Castle
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List of Things That Are German

  • Pretzels
  • Beer stein
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Sausages (Bratwurst, Currywurst)
  • Mercedes-Benz car
  • Lederhosen (traditional leather trousers)
  • Beer garden
  • Berlin Wall
  • Autobahn
  • Oktoberfest
  • Black Forest cake
  • BMW motorcycle
  • Castles (Neuschwanstein Castle)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Christmas markets
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Rhine River
  • Dirndl dress
  • Deutsche Bahn (German railway)
  • Haribo gummy bears (invented in Germany)
  • Goethe
  • Bach (composer)
  • Beethoven (composer)
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Wurst (various types of sausages)
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • Berliner (a type of pastry)
  • Bratwurst stand
  • Nürburgring (racetrack)
  • Mercedes-Benz Arena
  • Hofbräuhaus (famous beer hall in Munich)
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Ritter Sport chocolate
  • Düsseldorf's Rhine Tower
  • Currywurst kiosk
  • German Shepherd (dog breed)
  • Brandt (brand of crackers)
  • Beethoven's birthplace (Bonn)
  • Pumpernickel bread
  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Rhine Valley vineyards
  • Königssee (alpine lake)
  • Bauhaus movement
  • Deutsche Lufthansa (German airline)
  • Niederegger Marzipan
  • Porsche 911
  • Nivea (skincare brand)
  • Döner kebab (popular street food)
  • Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Pretzels - Pretzels are a famous German snack with a unique knotted shape, hard crust, and soft inside. They're often topped with salt.

Beer stein - Beer steins are big mugs made of glass or pewter that are popular to drink beer from in Germany. They have decorative lids.

Volkswagen Beetle - The iconic, rounded Volkswagen Beetle car originated in Germany and was mass-produced there in the 1900s.

Sausages - Many types of sausages like bratwurst and currywurst with unique spices come from German food culture.

Mercedes-Benz - Luxury Mercedes-Benz cars are engineered and produced at the company's headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

Lederhosen - These traditional leather shorts are worn in Germany, often with suspenders and a hat. They are considered folk garb.

Beer garden - Beer gardens with long tables and benches are a popular way to enjoy beer outdoors in Germany.

Berlin Wall - The Berlin Wall divided East and West Germany during the Cold War until being torn down in 1989.

Autobahn - The Autobahn is Germany's famous highway system with open speed limits in many areas.

Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest is the big annual beer festival in Munich featuring beer tents, pretzels, oompah bands, lederhosen, and dirndls.

Black Forest Cake - This rich chocolate cake layered with whipped cream and cherries comes from the Black Forest region of Germany.

BMW motorcycle - BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, is a German company known for luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

Neuschwanstein Castle - This grand 19th-century Romanesque castle in Bavaria, Germany was built by Ludwig II.

Sauerkraut - Sauerkraut is shredded and fermented cabbage that is a popular food side dish in Germany.

Christmas markets - Traditional Christmas markets with ornaments, gifts, and food are held annually in German towns.

Brandenburg Gate - This historic neoclassical monument archway in Berlin is a symbol of Germany and European unity.

Rhine River - The Rhine is one of the major rivers in Germany, flowing through the Rhineland wine region.

Dirndl dress - Dirndls are traditional German dresses with blouses, full skirts, and aprons worn by women.

Deutsche Bahn - Deutsche Bahn is Germany's major railway company operating trains like the high-speed ICE.

Haribo gummy bears - These chewy candy gummy bears were invented in Germany by Hans Riegel of Haribo.

Goethe - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was an influential German writer and philosopher from the 18th/19th centuries.

Bach - Johann Sebastian Bach was a prolific, renowned Baroque composer born in Germany.

Beethoven - Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist considered one of the greatest composers ever.

Volkswagen Golf - The Volkswagen Golf is a popular, affordable hatchback model car made by German automaker VW.

Deutsche Bank - Deutsche Bank is one of the largest banks in Germany and one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Wurst - There are many types of German sausages known as "wurst" including bratwurst, bockwurst, and weisswurst.

Mercedes-Benz Museum - This modern museum in Stuttgart documents the history of Mercedes-Benz cars and their innovations.

Berliner pastry - Berliners are German jelly doughnuts, often with powdered sugar or other toppings.

Bratwurst stand - Outdoor stands selling bratwurst grilled sausages are commonly found in Germany.

Nürburgring - The Nürburgring is a famous racetrack in Nürburg, Germany hosting racing events and car testing.

Mercedes-Benz Arena - The Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin is a major indoor arena used for sports and concerts.

Hofbräuhaus - This historic beer hall in Munich is known for Bavarian food and huge liter mugs of beer.

Deutsche Telekom - Deutsche Telekom is a major telecommunications company based in Germany.

Ritter Sport chocolate - Ritter Sport is a German chocolate brand known for its square chocolate bars.

Rhine Tower - The Rhine Tower is a tall telecommunications tower in Düsseldorf with an observation deck.

Currywurst kiosk - Street food kiosks selling currywurst (sausage) are popular around Germany.

German Shepherd - The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent, versatile dog breed originally from Germany.

Brandt cracker - Brandt is a German brand of crackers, wafers, and baked goods owned by Bahlsen.

Beethoven's birthplace - Ludwig van Beethoven's birthplace and museum is located in Bonn, Germany.

Pumpernickel bread - Pumpernickel is a heavy, dark rye bread that originated in Germany.

Cologne Cathedral - The Cologne Cathedral is a massive, ornate Gothic cathedral located in Cologne, Germany.

Rhine Valley vineyards - The Rhine Valley has many vineyards along the Rhine River known for Riesling wines.

Königssee - Königssee is an alpine lake in Bavaria, Germany known for crystal clear blue waters.

Bauhaus movement - The Bauhaus art school in Germany pioneered modern architecture and design in the early 1900s.

Lufthansa Airlines - Lufthansa, with headquarters in Cologne, is the largest German airline and one of the biggest in the world.

Niederegger Marzipan - Niederegger is a famous German brand of marzipan, a sweet almond paste.

Porsche 911 - The Porsche 911 sports car has been popular since the 1960s. Porsche is headquartered in Stuttgart.

Nivea - Nivea is a German skincare brand started by Paul Carl Beiersdorf in 1882 and known for creams.

Döner kebab - Döner kebab, seasoned meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, is a popular German street food brought over by Turkish immigrants.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - The prestigious Berlin Philharmonic orchestra is based in Berlin and has a distinct German sound.

Final Words:

Germany has gifted the world with so many notable elements of culture, engineering, cuisine, and art. Famous German brands like Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are a testament to German innovation and quality. And Oktoberfest, pretzels, classical music, and Black Forest cake show off great German traditions. The next time you drive a German car, eat a bratwurst, or sing along to Bach, appreciate the significant cultural impact Germany has had!

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