Things That Are Fast

When it comes to velocity and pace, so many things in our world demonstrate thrilling speed. Though nothing is swifter than light’s 670 million mph, many sights in our life showcase impressive quickness in motion. 1 / 5 Sports Car 2 / 5 Power Boat 3 / 5 Bullet Train 4 / 5 Rocket 5 … Read more

Things That Roll

From playthings to mechanisms, let’s explore fun examples of things that roll using shape, weight, and gravity to traverse surfaces. Rolling converts work to momentum. 1 / 5 Rolling Pin 2 / 5 Straw Role 3 / 5 Toilet Paper 4 / 5 Dice 5 / 5 Marbles ❮ ❯ List of Things That Roll … Read more

Things That Dissolve in Water

From carbon tablets to instant coffee granules, let’s explore some examples of things that dissolve in water. H20 enables so many helpful everyday items to fully come apart and incorporate seamlessly. 1 / 5 Tablets 2 / 5 Coffee 3 / 5 Acrylic Paint 4 / 5 Salt 5 / 5 Honey ❮ ❯ List … Read more

Things That Fly

From paper airplanes to jets, let’s explore some examples of things that fly using wings, engines, and other methods. Flight has always captivated imaginations. 1 / 5 Drone 2 / 5 Paraglider 3 / 5 Balloons 4 / 5 Birds 5 / 5 Frisbee ❮ ❯ List of Things That Fly Birds – From hummingbirds … Read more

Things That Are Warm

From campfires to romantic hug, life offers so many sources of comforting warmth against winter’s bite. Let’s explore some classic examples of things that are warm. 1 / 5 Armpits 2 / 5 Bulb 3 / 5 Sweater 4 / 5 Hug 5 / 5 Fireplace ❮ ❯ List of Things That Are Warm Sunshine … Read more

Things That Are Creamy

From fruity fillings to steamy cups of cocoa, let’s savor sweet examples of things that are creamy. Comfort often comes from foods embracing indulgence and velvety texture. 1 / 5 Dessert 2 / 5 Peanut Butter 3 / 5 Linguine 4 / 5 Tomato Soup 5 / 5 Butter ❮ ❯ List of Things That … Read more

Things That Are Hard To Touch

Many everyday objects contain dangers for our soft human hands. Certain materials and textures can hurt, scratch, cut or puncture skin if touched or handled incorrectly. Let’s explore a list of unexpectedly hard things that prove tricky to touch safely. 1 / 5 Pinecone 2 / 5 Steel Wool 3 / 5 Sculpture 4 / … Read more

Things That Are Hot

From blazing deserts to piping cups of tea, heat comes in many forms that we experience everyday. Certain foods, drinks, places, and objects can evoke a burning, fiery sensation. Let’s appreciate the varying intensities of heat found in common things that are hot – from the mellow warmth of a campfire to the tongue-scorching spice … Read more

Things That Are Slippery

From icy sidewalks to greasy dishes, there are a surprising number of slippery things we encounter. When surfaces get wet, oily, or coated in slime, they can become hazardously slick and hard to grip. Things that are slippery can catch us off guard, causing messy spills or dangerous slides. Here we’ll look at a wide … Read more

Things That Are Smooth

From fabrics to foods, there are so many wonderfully smooth things that we encounter every day. Smoothness brings thoughts of softness, sleekness, and ease of touch. When we think of things that are smooth, certain items come to mind. Here we will explore a wide variety of smooth things that feel nice to see and … Read more